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Capricorn Astrology Software Newsletter June/July 2013

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to our customer newsletter, we will fill you in here on the latest updates to our software. If you are a Prometheus customer then you will receive these updates automatically once they are released. If you are a customer of AstrologyExplorer3D version 1.x then now is the perfect time to upgrade to Prometheus and AstrologyExplorer3D version 2.0.

June/July Update Prometheus 2013

You Will Receive this Update Automatically once it is released ! - there is no need for a manual download, Prometheus has an automatic update feature.
Prometheus is Now International
We now have an Italian translation per standard in Prometheus and are very close to having a working German and Spanish translations.
In Mundo and Passage Degree Wheels and Aspects

We are currently working in Conjunction with Rocco Pinneri(one of the greatest astrologers in Europe) to create a Primary Directions module for Prometheus according to both traditional and modern techniques. As such we have created a set of wheels using the Placidian In Mundo and Placidian Passage Degree methodologies.
Heliacal Events

Heliacal events are used to determine significant stars and planets relevant to a given event, be it a birth or the forming of a nation. The most widely used heliacal event is Morning First which means, for a given place, which day a planet or star is first visible on the eastern horizon before sunrise(see above for Mercury). We have implemented an initial heliacal search which finds all major heliacal events plus co-rising and co-setting. In conjunction with the Planetarium this is a very exciting feature, which we hope to build upon in the future also.
Gauquelin Sectors

We now have a set of Gauquelin sector wheels and pages, as well as determining Gauquelin sectors in point-and-click interpretation. As many of you will know, astrologer and statistician Michel Gauquelin did much work on providing a mathematically sound basis for astrology, and discovered several sectors, which correspond closely with the main angles of a chart, and houses 1, 4, 7 and 10 in the Placidian house system. We are proud to present our interpretation of his work in the new set of wheels and pages we have designed.
Medical Astrology

We now have several pages dedicated to medical astrology. We have the system of Angelini as a default natal profile, and have pages detailing parts of the body according to Traditional methods, Ebertin and Angelini. We hope to continue to support the doctors who buy Prometheus by further including support for medical astrology in the software. Please contact us if you have any feature requests in this area.
Atlas Update
The atlas has now been updated to the very latest time zone change information. Expect atlas updates to be a regular part of the Prometheus update schedule in the future, as we keep you fully updated with the latest time change information as it is decided by the relevant authorities.
Arabic Part Calculations
For those with a strong interest in classical astrology, Prometheus can now calculate arabic parts according to the systems of Brunacci-Onorati and Ptolemy as well as the traditional Zodiac Longitude method.
Enhanced Moon

The moon display on wheel designs has been enhanced to show graphically as well as numerically the current moon phase, and also to indicate if the Moon is currently void of course. Several wheels have been enhanced with the new moon design and can be selected into your page or preview in the standard way.
3D and Other Systems

Support for other astrology systems is now much easier as we have changed 3D aspects from being part of the aspect configuration to being part of the wheel or page. There are several new wheel designs featuring 3D aspects. For the explorers, it is now possible to choose from a variety of astrological systems in the designer, including Right Ascension, Chinese Lunar Mansions, 13 Sign Zodiac, Placidian In Mundo or Passage Degree. Support for these systems is now also in the AstrologyExplorer3D Planetarium and Star Globe.
Final Words
Thank you for your custom, it is solely due to people like you that we are able to continue to develop astrological software. Thank you.

Peace be with you,

Capricorn Astrology Software