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Capricorn Astrology Software Newsletter December 2013

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to our customer newsletter, we will fill you in here on the latest updates to our software. If you are a Prometheus customer then you will receive these updates automatically once they are released. If you are a customer of AstrologyExplorer3D version 1.x then now is the last opportunity you will have to upgrade to Prometheus and AstrologyExplorer3D version 2.0 with the discount we have been offering.  After this update, AstrologyExplorer3D will be an integral part of Prometheus Professional edition.  We also hope to offer a more affordable Essential edition of Prometheus, suitable for beginners or those on a tighter budget.

December Update Prometheus 2013

You Will Receive this Update Automatically once it is released ! - there is no need for a manual download, Prometheus has an automatic update feature. This update has taken us a bit longer than planned, but is well worth the extra wait, with many new and valuable features including extensive updates to the planetarium, and a full Primary Directions module !
Prometheus's International Profile is Growing
We now have a Greek and German translation to add to our existing Italian translation.  We are still working on Spanish and have also made a start on a Portuguese(Brazilian) translation of the software.
Planetarium Improvements

Many improvements have been introduced to the Planetarium and Star Globe.  There are now lines that can be placed on points, showing the Right Ascension, Declination, Longitude, Latitude, Altitude, Azimuth, or aspects in Zodiac or in Mundo, and some under the pole lines.  Also introduced are transit lines whereby the path of a planet over time is shown.  Due to many requests we have now defaulted planets to be similar to stars.  The planetarium now supports dynamic multi-wheels and primary direction charts with a second zodiac band.
AstrologyExplorer3D features in Wheels and Pages

AstrologyExplorer3D planetariums and star globes can now be placed on 2D chart wheels and pages.  This is a very exciting feature that we have had much positive feedback on so far.  The combination of the 3D Planetarium overlayed with a 2D wheel allows the sky to be seen in 3D without sacrificing the clarity or familiartiy with standard 2D wheels.  We are very pleased to bring this feature to the latest release of Prometheus. 
Primary Directions Module

We have worked very hard in conjunction with Rocco Pinneri(one of the greatest astrologers in Europe), to bring this Primary Directions module to Prometheus.  We have created one of the most configurable primary directions system in any software, with the number and types of directions able to be found rivaling even specialist programs.  Directions can be found in the Campanus, Regiomontanus, Placidus, Placidus Extended and Placidus Under the Pole house systems.  Directions can be found contra ordinem and secundum ordinem, both diurnal and secondary motion can be used for calculation.  14 different direction keys have been implemented.  18 different types of primary direction template have been programmed as standard using the Primary Direction Templates feature, which allows users to create their own primary directions using any combination of promissor, significator, aspect, and point projection, for which we have implemented Mundo, Zodiaco(0 Lat), Zodiaco with Lat, and Zodiaco according to Bianchini.  This is a very powerful and comprehensive module, which we are very pleased to include in Prometheus.
Primary Direction Charts

As well as the module to calculate primary directions, we have also included a new Primary Direction chart type whereby the primary direction can be seen(Usually on the Planetarium, as Primary Directions are a 3D phenomenon).  The primary directions can be renderd Contra Ordinem or Secundum Ordinem, and according to several different keys and point projections. 
Profection Charts

A new Profection chart type has been added, which allows profections to be calculated according to either Zodiaco or Mundo, with a time key of 1 sign per year, 1 per Month(Year / 13.0), or 1 per Day.  We have also introduced a profection range triwheel chart type which works in conjunction with the new Profection Range(1 Year) dynamic multiwheel template.  As a valuable tool for those using Prometheus for classical astrology, we are pleased to introduce this feature into the update.
Atlas Update(30/11/2013)
The atlas has now been updated to the very latest time zone change information. Expect atlas updates to be a regular part of the Prometheus update schedule in the future, as we keep you fully updated with the latest time change information as it is decided by the relevant authorities.
Spiral Ephemeris

A popular feature that we have seen many times online is the spiral ephemeris, which is a type of graphcial ephemeris in spiral form.  This has now been introduced into the latest update to Prometheus.
Zoom and Pan
By popular request we have extened the zooming and panning available in the designer and planetarium to pages, calendar, graphic and spiral ephemeris.  Those with smaller screens or poorer eyesight should particularly benefit from this feature.  We previously decided not to include zooming and panning to these pages to reduce complexity, but popular demand has warranted their re-instatement, so we hope that this is a feature that all will enjoy.  Please always remember that the middle mouse button is a shortcut to zooming and panning, holding it down = pan, scrolling = zoom.
Dynamic MultiWheel Templates
Introduced in this release is Dynamic MultiWheel Templates.  These templates may be configured in the Astrology Settings dialog.  There are standard templates for Transits-to-Radix, Primary Directions-to-Radix, Solar Arc-to-Radix, Progressed-to-Radix, Transits-Progressed-Radix, and Profection Range(1 Year).  These templates serve as a shortcut to manually configuring a dynamic multiwheel each time it is required.  We are happy to introduce this feature and hope it will prove a valuable shortcut for our users.
Welcome to our Newest Distributor
We would like to give a warm welcome to Vasilis Kanatas of Astrology13.com, the newest member of our team.  Vasilis will take over the role of ditributing the Prometheus software to the 13 sign zodiac community.  Vasilis is a qualified physicist and holds a master's degree in applied physics, he is one of the foremost theorists in the true western sidereal movement and it is an honour to welcome him on board.
Interpretation Texts
We are working hard to rework all of our exsiting interpreatation texts.  Our apologies go out to any customers still affected by the problems related to this issue, please be aware that we take this matter very seriously and are working hard to resolve it.
Final Words
We are always on the lookout for talented and commited people to help us, if you would like to be involved or know someone else who would, then please get in touch with us.  We particularly are looking for someone to help sell and distribute our software in North America.

Thank you for your custom, it is solely due to people like you that we are able to continue to develop astrological software. Thank you.

Peace be with you,

Capricorn Astrology Software