Capricorn Astrology Software

* Beautiful, clear charts and graphics
  * Vast number of Points for All Schools of Astrology
   * More than 1000 asteroids
     * More than 6000 fixed stars
       * More than 100 arabic parts
         * Fully configurable point and aspect system!

* Unique 3D Planetarium, unheard of in other software
  * Perfect for Primary Directions Work
   * Visual and Stellar astrology has never been easier !
     * Fully configurable for aesthetic or functional needs !
       * A perfect tool for serious star astrologers
         * See the night sky as it was meant to be seen with the most realistic models in any astrological software!

* Stunning full responsive 3D graphics
  * View the planetarium as a celestial sphere or as an observer !
   * Over 6000 stars comprising the full Harvard Revised Catalogue of bright stars.
     * Unique amongst professional-level software, the Prometheus planetarium give professional astrologers the power they need to do true visual astrology without leaving their desk!

* Astro*Carto*Graphy has never been easier !
  * Unlike other software, Prometheus features a full high-resolution Satellite world map, so no more loading maps for different areas of interest.
   * Fully zoomable and panable
     * Place any point available in Prometheus on the map, including stars(for parans), asteroids, arabic parts, and others !

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