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Below is a list of our authorised agents and links to their websites. You may purchase Prometheus from any of these people with complete confidence.

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Rocco Pinneri(Senior Distributor for All of Europe/Italy)

Rocco is one of the top astrologers in Europe, and considered one of the world's foremost authorities in classical astrology. He has translated many classical works into Italian and English, and has pioneered many new astrological techniques, including the unique "Delta" technique. His astrological seminars and lectures are a continuing source of inspiration for his many students. Rocco has cooperated with Capricorn Astrology Software in the development of the Italian localization of Prometheus as well as the creation of the 'Classical' and 'Delta' modules. We are very pleased to fully endorse Rocco as a partner and distributor.

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Hank Friedman(USA)

Hank is the foremost expert in astrological software in North America, and writes the 'Softstar News' column for the Mountain Astrologer Magazine. He has over 30 years experience as a consulting astrologer and psychic. Hank's advice and recommendations are highly respected both in the USA and Internationally. We work closely with Hank to improve Prometheus's user interface and to enhance the usability of the software. It is our aim for Prometheus to be the most user friendly astrological software on the market, and working closely with Hank, this goal is certain to be achieved. We are very pleased to fully endorse Hank as our distributor and partner in the USA.

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Greece/13 Signs Zodiac

Vasilis Kanatas

Vasilis distributes the Prometheus software to the 13 sign zodiac community. Vasilis is a qualified physicist and holds a master's degree in applied physics, he is one of the foremost theorists in the true western sidereal movement. Vasilis has contributed to the Prometheus project with his insight into 13 signs astrology, sunspot astrology, and has authored the Greek translation of the software.

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